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Application Development

Application Development

Our innovation-fuelled approach to Application Development and Maintenance helps enterprises to transform business applications. By using emerging technologies, we build with speed and agility to help clients meet current and future business needs.

Zuventech’s Enterprise Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) solutions are designed for enterprise-wide digital transformation. This is the reason why enterprises across the globe trust zuventech to effectively maintain and run their mission-critical applications, helping them to increase their ROI and free up resources to focus on strategic initiatives.

Next-generation, future-ready applications built for business enhancement


Comprehensive IT services include

  • Custom-application-01

    Custom application development

    Custom application design and development of open standards based systems, using Java and Microsoft .NET technologies

  • Application-maintenance-01

    Application maintenance

    We help enterprises to continuously reinvent existing systems and applications to meet IT goals that are aligned with business requirements.

  • migration-01

    Legacy migration

    We leverage in-house tools, accelerators and technologies to cut cost and time while realizing business benefits continuously.

  • System-integration-01

    System integration

    CWe ensure continuous availability, scalability, and reliability, with our enterprise IT system integration services.

  • edi-services-01

    EDI services

    Our dedicated team of experienced, highly skilled EDI specialists help to improve response time and customer support, increase integration agility and productivity.

  • UX-UI-01


    Our approach to transforming user experiences has helped SMBs and Fortune 100 companies build better products and applications


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • More Complexity

    Generate more insight, speed, value, and quality with less complexity, cost, uncertainty, and risk.

  • Strategic Business

    Improve enterprise’s competitive advantage and support strategic business initiatives.

  • Business Application

    Increase agility and performance of existing business applications with decreased costs.

  • Increased efficiency

    Improve end-user service levels through IT best practices and improved processes.

  • Rapid Speed

    Ensure regulatory compliance for faster speed to market.