end to end implemenation

Our goal is to develop state of the art solutions for public and private sector organizations. We make it possible for our clients to achieve their Management and IT Transformation goals through the innovative use of management techniques and information technology.

Our expertise on the platform

A core component of Zuven's Cloud solutions practice is focused on solutions based on the platform.Our expertise on the platform includes:

  • CRM and Case Management Implementations
  • Service and Knowledge Management Solutionst
  • Salesforce Analytics
  • Chatter Implementation
  • Salesforce Communities
  • Sites, and Portal Implementations
  • Cloud and mobile solutions
  • Sites, and Portal Implementations
  • Data Migration
  • Integration/Web Services
  • AppExchange Application Development
  • Outsourced Administrations

Zuven team consistently exceeds client expectations and we are proud of our reputation for providing outstanding services at competitive rates. We bring a strong team to the table ready to work in challenging and high-paced environments.