BI/DW Implementation

We at zuven technologies deliver comprehensive consulting services for Business Intelligence Systems, from requirements definition through development, rollout, and post-implementation support.  We work with all relational database platforms, and utilize the commercial software packages that best suit the client’s needs and budget.  We also do custom development to provide additional features and capabilities. We help identify and resolve bottlenecks in existing database processes involved in updates and queries.  Test **** Test We can implement architectural features that are transparent to applications but improve overall performance; identify and resolve resource contention issues; and tune query performance to assure optimal turnaround

Our projects are typically delivered incrementally, with each sequential phase providing additional value to your corporation. This allows you to realize the benefits more quickly, as you reduce your payback period. All along the way, Our Services team members will carefully manage the creation of your data warehouse—from data modeling, to data definition language specification, through the definition of Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) routines. We also have considerable experience with a variety of industry-leading analysis packages. We can work with you to select and implement the tool that best suit your business needs and your IT department's standards.

Zuven Technologies works closely with your business and technology organizations to understand your current reporting and analytic environment, defining informational gaps and developing future-state information delivery architecture. We help you deliver information to internal stakeholders, business end-users and audiences outside your organization through several key capabilities:

  • Portals organize your information delivery—obtaining the answers to the business questions you need, using a combination of leading edge BI tools, graphical information systems, external and internal Web content and other business-related collateral in an easy-to-use Web interface
  • Reporting and analytics deliver powerful business analysis—scrutinizing your enterprise's business activities and critical customer information, then presenting analyzed data in an intuitive and efficient manner
  • Dashboards provide deep and broad insight—establishing models of business performance evaluation that measure financial performance, internal operations, innovation and learning, plus customer satisfaction
  • Data mining offers a proactive process—sifting through large amounts of data to uncover patterns and predicts trends
  • Data visualizations turn data into visual representations—yielding patterns and trends that make it easier to draw meaningful conclusions from the data

With the right approach to business intelligence that we implement, you can:

Accelerate business growth—make better, faster decisions to improve business performance, speed time to market and increase competitive advantage.
Lower costs — manage information more efficiently throughout its lifecycle and eliminate inaccurate, untimely information.
Mitigate risks —assure compliance with regulatory mandates while reducing the costs associated with inaccurate, untimely information.

An intelligent blend of expertise, innovation and technology.